Nowhereland Tattoo Collective


Who we are

Coming from different backgrounds, we have found each other over an understanding of tattooing as a craft which is centered around taking care of people. Nowhereland Tattoo Collective is meant to be a safe space for all the people on the margins of a discriminatory heteropatriarchal society.

We see tattoos not only as images, but as a medium to empower dissident bodies. We believe it is necessary to offer spaces in which everyone can be protected from judgement and exclusion due to sexist, homophobe, trans-phobic and racist prejudice. As queers and because we know what it means to suffer from racism, and homophobia we would like to add our perspective to the mix. We are confident in prescribed hygiene procedures and their implementation and want to emphasize that we are happy to tattoo people who suffer from infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis.

We understand our studio as a creative laboratory of community, education and politics. Besides providing a professional environment and technically skilled artists of diverse styles, we want to implement our values in the mode of operation of the space. We want to have further collaborations between professionals from the body-modification scene and other creatives and use the funds that these collaborations provide to finance workshops and community-building measures around the studio. People will be welcome to the space to conduct research and exchange about body modification as much as body politics in order to contextualize their ideas about body art.

Also, we want to use the space as a tool for solidarity, raising money for political projects through the implementation of a monthly flash-day (a day where the shop is open to walk-in customers who can choose from a series of templates each artist prepares). Once our structure is solid enough, we also wish to invite guest artist from around the world from the queer scene specially artist that face difficulties because of politics and repression and help them acquire visas and share their work with all of us.

If you do not belong to any of the mentioned groups, you are still welcome here! We will take care of you with the same emotional presence and care and you will benefit from the private, intimate set-up equally. What we ask is that you respect the people in the space in the same way they respect you. Think before you speak, don’t shame anyone, be aware of your possible ignorance and bias.

What we offer

  • Bespoke tattooing in dialogue with each person.
  • Professional artists and diverse styles.
  • Empathetic guidance through the process.
  • Vegan inks and other supplies.
  • Impeccable hygiene measures.