Nowhereland Tattoo Collective



We are 9 independent artists & tattoers who are running a small tattoo studio in the heart of Kreuzberg.
A creative-political hub for tattooing beyond the norms.


Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and is the founder/owner of Nowhereland Tattoo Studio. Gil is also the founder of the Cairo Tattoo Convention; the first tattoo convention of its kind in the Middle East.

Gil started tattooing in 2012 in Italy under the influence of American traditional tattooing, Japanese art, and her master Vicente Ibanez. Over the years, Gil developed her own style but always kept black, bold lines and solid colors in her work. Lately, Gil has been focusing also on Queer Erotica illustrations.

Gil has found traveling to be her source of inspiration, building her mind and art from decay to beauty and vice versa. Passionate activist and defender on human rights issues, including LGBTQI + rights.


Is an interdisciplinary artist. Born in the Basque country currently based in Berlin, they studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design, yet the foundation of their illustration is rooted in the street art. Coming from a DIY context, it was only a matter of time until they built their first tattoo machine.

This combination led them to a fresh and personal style learning towards simple, solid black lines with tendency for dotting and geometric figures or even neotraditional but always open to explore new styles and ready for new challenges.


She was born in Kazakhstan and has traveled a lot. She is a self-taught artist and astrologist, practicing intuitive drawing, creating projects for the tattoo and tarot. Main point of her inspiration is the nature, esotericism and independent people with a rebellious, free spirit.


They come from the south of Chile and I specialize in Handpoke. With their illustrations they seek to evoke tenderness and resistance. Nanai means “tenderness that darns the wound” and comes from the word “pain”. So they here as ultra nanai ✨


Fátima aka Mano.Celeste started tattooing on 2013 while she was studying Illustration on art school. She went trough different style phases (traditional/neotraditional ) until she strengthened his personal illustrated style inspired by nature, technology and images and objects of japanese culture.

With a mixture of mixed line, dotwork and bold technique her aim is a clean and elaborated work with unique motives and visual symbolic scenes.


Illustrator with a soft spot for lines, comics, queer joy and abstract compositions.
Currently making an apprenticeship at Nowhereland Tattoo to soon be able to ink you all. 🙂


Since I was a little girl I had always wanted to study arts but my family never helped me with it and I was forced to study political science.

Anyway the desire and passion always existed, so as soon as I was disappointed with my university studies and the system, art came to me without having to look for it.
When you are born for something in one way or another it will always come to you, at least that’s what I think.

From the first moment I started tattooing in 2012 in Italy I could never stop, tattooing became not only my job but my life, I live for, and because of tattooing.